Person in the water Bo ' Ness

Queensferry Lifeboat crew were paged today at 06:35 to aid Police with an on going incident. Two youths had “acquired” a vessel that had broken down and was now drifting off Bo’ Ness.
For being so early in the morning the crew quickly assembled and the boat was launched and away within 10 minutes.
Soon after launching the lifeboat received an update that one of the casualties was now in the water! The Lifeboat made best speed towards Bo’ Ness but due to the early morning fog, had to rely on its navigation equipment for safe passage.
On reaching Bo’ Ness the casualties were quickly located, thankfully both persons were now back on the boat, which, had now found itself beached in the mud.
However, in another twist to this rescue, on approaching the casualty vessel, one of the persons decided to re enter the water and attempted to make their own way to the lifeboat despite the Lifeboat crews requests to stay where they were!. Due to the lack of water, the lifeboat cautiously approached the person who was now starting to struggle in the cold water and mud. Lifeboat crew quickly grabbed ropes and blown up life jackets to act as buoyancy aids to aid the now tiring person.
Thankfully, with a last big push from the casualty and lifeboat crews reaching out to them, the casualty was pulled into the lifeboat and to safety where, due to exhaustion and the cold, they promptly collapsed.
Lifeboat crews then had to work hard in an attempt to warm the casualty up and get him in a stable condition all while the Lifeboat made best speed back to Hawes Pier where an ambulance was waiting to take the now responsive casualty to hospital.
HELM  D Sutton
CREW  M Ross, R Denver, T Glasby