Port Edgar
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As one of the busiest Inshore Lifeboat stations in Scotland, our crew are called out frequently. Queensferry Lifeboat have been called out 102 times in 2021, coming to the aid of 170 people and carrying out multiple searches and other taskings.

Below are a few of the callouts we had last year. For regular updates on our most recent shouts follow us on:

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06/11/21 14:57

‘Sporting’ conditions over this weekend for shout 98, which can be viewed via our boat camara of Saturday’s shout. We were tasked to a broken down RIB with 4 passengers onboard, all were towed back to safety. The footage shows the Edna May lifeboat giving an astern tow, this is done at a slow safe speed which means you feel every wave coming!


05/09/21  18:57

Late finish after shout No. 77 waiting for the tide to come in so we could then recover the Lifeboat.


05/07/21 15:06

Tasked to assist a a multi agency search with RNLI Kinghorn, for a kayak with 2 persons on board. 

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18/03/21 14:52

Tasked to a group of people stranded on Cramond Island.

For safe crossing times please see our 'Cramond Times' page.

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21/07/21 18:37

Two taskings to people in the water.  Both resolved successfully.

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02/06/21 17:59

Tasked to 8 children reported to be in difficulty in the water off Musselburgh.  


23/02/21 14:24

Tasked to a vessel sinking in Inverkeithing Bay.  Was established no casualties were on board, and the vessel was in a derelict state.